026 – Art and Creativity for Christ

Fear Not
Refreshing and uplifting interview with Angel Blanchard on art and creativity for Christ. For men and women.

Interview with Angel Blanchard, Artist

Please note:  For inquiries about Angel’s art, you may contact her directly by email: angelblanchard@hotmail.com. 

On today’s podcast Angel tells us about her art:

  • how she came to Christ
  • her artistic background
  • her spiritual progression – from lukewarm to serving the Lord
  • her first collection of paintings
  • how she gets her inspiration
  • plans to take her collection to Europe
  • creative tips for believers to keep their walk fresh and exciting

We also discuss the many facets of art and creativity related to our spirituality:

  • what role art plays or can play in our Christian lives
  • how art can support evangelism in the US and in many other countries for example Europe
  • words of caution for Christians who knowingly or unknowingly bring pagan or even demonic symbols and objects into their homes (e.g. “om” symbol, yin and yang, dragon, skulls, sun man, Bouddha statues, etc.)
  • specific suggestions for how we as Christians can use art and creativity to renew our spiritual and prayer lives and to enjoy a deeper and richer relationship with God

This was a fun and uplifting podcast to stimulate your creativity and inspiration in and for Christ.  Enjoy!

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  1. Please pray that God will have mercy on me and give me direction for my life. I would like to do his will whatever, wherever He can use me. Thanks and God bless you.

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