Are You Still Eating from Trashcans?

God prescribed for His people a simple diet that will give us good health and long life. Yet most people are still eating out of trashcans! Many of the supposed delicacies on people’s plates are foods that drain life force instead of giving it.

Certain tasty and much-appreciated foods – like seafood – are extremely unhealthy. Shellfish are the trashcan of the ocean. They eat and metabolize other animals’ waste. When you eat seafood you are literally eating the excrement of fish and other sea animals.

There are many other things that God, who designed and manufactured us, told us it’s better not to put into our bodies. Blood is another example. Blood transmits illness and disease. This is why the Jews eat kosher meats, from which the blood has been drained.

Wealthy people who are stricken with cancer pay very large sums of money to travel across the border to be treated in natural healing centers. The main treatment consists of a radical change of diet sometimes combined with moderate fasting. What you eat can heal you or kill you.

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P.S. If you’re more interested in what diet can do for your spiritual life, you MUST listen to my podcast “031 – Diet and Spirituality“. Listen to it here on our website OR on our YouTube channel.

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