052 – Time to Leave the Cities

Is it time to leave the cities? Interview with Pastor David Gates of Gospel Ministries International: mission pastor, pilot, mechanic, and nurse. We discuss the signs of the end, what to expect, how to prepare, and when to leave the cities.

Pastor David Gates is Founder and President of Gospel Ministries International, which operates in 94 countries through a large network of medical missionaries, missionary pilots, schools, and radio and television networks. He’s in the business of conquering souls for Jesus through medical missionary work and media. Pastor David Gates is on the front line of the battle against Satan. This is a fascinating interview you don’t want to miss.

Pastor David Gates and his wife Becky

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  1. God bless you for this timely reminder. We are leaving the city next year, by the grace of God.

    • Glory be to God! I’m grateful that He’s guiding you to leave. He will help you prepare. Thank you for sharing that so that others may be encouraged. God bless you.

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