079 – 2020 Prophetic Beginnings

The Corona Virus pandemic is the perfect storm that will trigger a global financial collapse and the emergence of the New World Order.

Introduction: Analysis of Where 2020 Might Be Headed

If you’re awake and not sleeping, you know that someone has stepped on the accelerator of world events. I know it’s become a cliché to say “prophecy is fulfilling before our very eyes”. But it’s true. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

Today I’ll be doing a quick analysis of what we’re seeing around us so far this year: what exactly is happening behind the veil and where it’s headed.

Let’s get started!

2020 Calamity Count  

As we enter the last month of the first quarter, let me do a quick recap of what’s happened in the world thus far. It’s a bit of apples and oranges and bananas in that we have three categories of events: natural disasters, health crises and socio-political-economic developments.

Let’s start with the important socio-political-economic developments:

  • Donald Trump is acquitted by the Senate in the impeachment case brought against him by the House of Representatives
  • The ongoing revolution in France is getting more violent by the day. The masses are more and more polarized against the current established order. There’s a broad, unnamed coalition of extreme right, extreme left and climate activists that all share one common enemy: President Macron’s government. If he were a king they would’ve guillotined him already!
  • The Corona Virus is spreading exponentially. As of yesterday there were close to 90 000 total confirmed cases and close to 3000 deaths due to the virus. This is according to official sources, the actual count may be higher. The virus has already spread to 50 countries across the world. China and South Korea are the most affected. Would you believe that even the Health Minister of Iran is infected with the Corona Virus? Most countries are taking measures to quarantine people suspected of having the virus. Countries are also shutting down schools to stop the spread. If the shut-downs begin to affect government and business it would have a very negative impact on the economy.
  • Because of the uncertainty generated by this potential pandemic, the US stock market is dropping precipitously in the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. Market analysts are predicting it will get worse. Many companies are lowering their earnings estimates and US President Trump also warned that the United States’ GDP could be affected.

Now let’s consider the very long list of natural disasters in the first two months of the year. As long as this list is, it may not be exhaustive:

  • The year started with the devastating Australian fires, followed by…
  • Earthquakes in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Culminated in the 7.7 quake that by God’s mercy happened out in the middle of the ocean equidistant from the coasts of Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands.
  • Additional earthquakes happened in Turkey, Mexico and Alaska of all places
  • Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines
  • A number of countries experienced or are experiencing right now dramatic flooding: State of Tennessee in the US, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, England and Wales. In most of these people have been evacuated and there’s been tremendous damage and loss of property.
  • Rising sea levels in Brazil flooding coastal towns
  • Landslides in Tennessee and Bolivia
  • Blood-red snow appeared in Antartica
  • Earth has been bleeding in Turkey
  • Swarms of locusts destroying crops in East Africa, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

In the first two months of this year we see an acceleration and intensification of natural calamities, political and financial uncertainty and social disorder.

We know from Jesus’ Mount Olivet discourse in Matthew 24 that all these things would come to pass: “7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.” (Matthew 24:7-8)

But there’s much more going on here than meets the eye. In order to put in perspective what’s happening, we need to go back almost a year and consider one of the most significant prophetic events of 2019.

The Burning of Notre Dame and 9/11

In a podcast I released in June of 2019 called “The US and France in Bible Prophecy”, I analyzed the prophetic significance of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in France. Most Adventist commentators missed this because they’re just not very familiar with that part of the world. But Notre Dame is as significant to the French as the Twin Towers were to Americans. What happened was a very big deal in Europe.

The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral was a parallel event to the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11. There were many similarities between the two events. Let’s review them quickly so that you can better appreciate the prophetic implications of the fire at Notre Dame:

  1. Architecturally both structures have two towers.
  2. Both were destructed by fire that couldn’t be contained. Fire fighters weren’t able to respond or had a very hard time responding.
  3. In both cases we saw an airplane in the sky very close to the buildings. There’s video and photographic evidence of a plane flying very close to Notre Dame a couple of hours before the cathedral roof burst into flames.
  4. Both structures were iconic buildings, emblematic of their countries. The Twin Towers represented the financial, economic and military supremacy of the United States. They constituted a secular scepter of power. Notre Dame represents the Roman Catholic Church as well as the historic and religious heritage of the French people. It constitutes a spiritual scepter of power.
  5. Both events are considered dramatic conflagrations, great national tragedies that shook and even traumatized the people.
  6. In front of Notre Dame is the “Point Zero” of the French road system – all French roads are said to pass through the center which is Notre Dame. As you know, the land where the Twin Towers had stood came to be called “Ground Zero”.
  7. In both cases the respective national leaders, without seeking to understand the meaning of the catastrophe, immediately announced “We shall rebuild”.
  8. It emerged subsequently that both events were not accidents but were deliberately orchestrated by elite governing powers for their own secret purposes.
  9. Both 9/11 and the Notre Dame fire constitute major historical milestones. Both events were national catastrophes that served to usher in a new era. There’s a before and after. In the United States, people speak about “Before 9/11” and “After 9/11”. 9/11 introduced draconian national security measures in the United States in preparation for the establishment of the New World Order. The French also are able to speak of a “Before Notre Dame” and “After Notre Dame”. Barely a few months after the Cathedral burned, the Yellow Vest revolution started in France and continues to this day.

What’s the net/net of these two events?

The collapse of the Twin Towers was a very significant milestone in reshaping the culture and mentality of the US and the world in preparation for the New World Order. The collapse of those supposedly indestructible towers prefigured the collapse of the US empire. It was such an important and historic event that in 1901 Sister Ellen White was shown in a dream the towers collapsing in flames and the inability of the firemen to prevent it. https://www.ellenwhite.info/nyc_wtc_9-11_terrorist_attacks.htm

  1. The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was a second witness coming into agreement with the first witness, 9/11, in order to proceed with the full establishment of the New World Order. Remember that the New World Order will be characterized by the union of church and state. The One World Leader will be the head of the One World Government as well as of the One World Religion. Therefore, the supremacy of this new system of government wasn’t complete until it could claim both the territory of the world and the souls of the people of the world. Satan was laying claim not only to the territory of planet earth but also to its subjects. That’s what Notre Dame was about. It was a sign to the world that religious dominion had been achieved and therefore the establishment of the New World Order could now move forward full steam.

That, brothers and sisters, is where the foot on the accelerator comes from. In order for end time Bible prophecy to be fulfilled, the current world order needs to collapse to usher in this new model of world governance. Prophecy tells us there will be a single world leader who, with the help of the US, will succeed in rolling out a Sunday Law worldwide. There will also be a unified, global monetary system that can control who can buy or sell. Welcome to the New World Order.

New World Order Agenda and Strategy

These are some of the distinctive objectives of the New World Order:

  1. Reduce and control the world population and keep it under 500,000,000
  2. Guide reproduction and even intervene genetically to produce an improved human species
  3. Take away national distinctions – such as borders, flag, language, and constitution
  4. Establish a single world government, language and monetary system
  5. Restrict human habitation to a few large urban centers and devolve most of the earth to nature

This will be a very different mode of government from the current constitutional republic. We’re going to a form of socialism where production will benefit the state. The mind control exercised by the state will be so complete and the resulting darkness so great that it will be a return to the medieval Dark Ages. Every person except the ruling classes will be serfs to the state. The Bible says: “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people.” (Isaiah 60:2)

The question is: how do we get there from here? How will the nations and citizens of the world be willing to give up the appearance of freedom that we have today in order to accept the total dictatorial control of the new regime?

Brothers and sisters, that’s precisely the point of this message today. Everything we’ve been seeing in the last three years or so – from cataclysmic climate change to enforced immigrations to political instability and outright revolutions – are the result of deliberate efforts to create chaos and a climate of terror. Think of the political crises in Venezuela, Bolivia, Hong Kong and of course France. Think of the terrorism in the Middle East. Think of the waves of Islamic immigrants invading European countries.

The power elite behind the New World Order is working hard to instill panic and create unrest among the people and the nations. In contrast, the New World Order will appear very desirable, a haven of peace for a troubled world.

After Notre Dame, the power elite stepped on the accelerator. California was ablaze with forest fires, just as the Amazon and the Australian bush. We saw tumultuous climate marches where literally millions of people across the world were chanting “We’re running out of time”.

Simultaneously, the Pope seized the effervescence of the moment to announce his Global Educational Alliance kick-off in Rome this coming May 14th. (The meeting has since been rescheduled to October due to the Corona Virus crisis). His agenda is to re-educate the world for the changed lifestyle and economy of the new political regime.

After the disappointing Climate Summit in Madrid last December, geo-engineered climate events – that is to say, artificially fabricated natural disasters – are occurring almost daily. We read the long list at the beginning of this broadcast.

To what end are these natural disasters being artificially engineered? To punish the leading nations of the world and bring them to their knees, in submission to the New World Order. Just think of the pressure on the Prime Minister of Australia after the devastation of the Australian bush. You’d better believe he’s going to comply with the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement!

Tragically, the elite’s hunger for power has so damaged the planet’s life support systems that according to well respected climate experts, the earth may not be able to support life beyond 5 to 7 years. So we all agree: we ARE running out of time!

The Corona Virus

One of the subtle effects of the Corona Virus health crisis is that pandemics divide people. They instill fear and suspicion in human relationships. You look at your neighbor, colleague and even your relatives as disease carriers who could potentially infect you. The disease becomes a barrier to human interaction and solidarity. So you isolate yourself and your family, and the state can do whatever they want because no one will contest their actions. Divide and conquer!

The Corona Virus pandemic is nothing more than biological warfare. It doesn’t matter which nation pulled the trigger. Biological warfare is a crime against humanity. What’s the result? Population reduced by many thousands of deaths. Population brought under government control through the declaration of a state of emergency. People held in quarantine with no freedom of movement. I wouldn’t be surprised if they begin to impose curfews as well. When a national state of emergency is declared, it automatically cancels the normal rule of law and martial law is invoked. The country is then ready for dictatorship.

It’s very likely that the Corona Virus crisis will escalate into a severe financial crisis as well. Supply chains would be disrupted. Companies and schools would close. The economy and the country would be paralyzed. And this scenario would be replicated in many nations across the world with drastic repercussions on water and food supplies and other basic necessities.

We all know this is coming. They’re just looking for a plausible trigger for the long-due economic reset. Maybe the Corona Virus is just what they need, or maybe it’ll take a couple more crises to get us there. But whenever it happens, the financial reset will propel us into the new cashless digital economy. And then everything will be in place for the mark of the beast. This is how the collapse of the current world order is being engineered to give way to the New World Order.

Is 2020 the Beginning of the End?

Let’s consider a few reasons why I believe 2020 may be the beginning of the end.

2019 Began and Ended with Judgment

The year 2019 began with judgment. As I reassess the spiritual and prophetic implications of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, I see two related but distinct messages in it:

  • First, a warning to spiritual Babylon – Rome – of her impending judgment by fire. Babylon is fallen and her sins have reached unto the heavens. Judgment will surely follow, as prophesied in Revelation 18.
  • Second, the event was also a trumpet signaling the imminent beginning of the judgment of the living. Remember that the elders of the church will be judged first, according to Ezekiel 9. I believe the Pope will be the first one to be judged, as per the judgment scenes in Daniel 7.

The year 2019 ended with judgment. It ended with the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Ultimately, he was acquitted by the Senate in January of this year.  However, his trial is a second witness or second trumpet warning the inhabitants of the earth that the judgment of the living is soon to commence. The US National Sunday Law is the earthly even which marks the beginning of the judgment of the living in heaven. I believe the US National Sunday Law isn’t very far away.

The Last Kingdom on Earth

The world is preparing for the emergence of the last kingdom on earth before Jesus comes to destroy all other kingdoms and set up His heavenly kingdom. Remember that the last kingdom on earth before Jesus comes will be a Roman kingdom. It’s Papal Rome in its second and last phase, corresponding to the feet and especially the toes of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The feet are made of iron mingled with clay, representing a union of state and church.

The Papacy and the Jesuit Order are behind this last kingdom, working through the world’s power elite. This is why we’re seeing the same order of magnitude of chaos in the world today as that which overtook the Roman Empire. Between its internal divisions and the ruthless attacks of the barbarian tribes, Imperial Rome collapsed to give way to Papal Rome. The Papal kingdom is the continuity of the Pagan Roman Empire, and the Pope is the successor of the Roman Emperor.

When the Roman Empire experienced its collapse, the Pope was invited to step   in and occupy the vacant place left by the Roman Emperor who had gone to Constantinople. Something very similar will occur in our day.

In the midst of the growing chaos, the Pope has positioned himself as THE moral authority of our present world. He will be asked to take over and instill order, with the expectation that he’ll be able to reconcile a world fallen from grace with its Creator. We all know what happens when they say “Peace and safety!”. “Sudden destruction comes upon them unexpectedly.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

The New World Order Is Imminent

As historicists, Adventists count the beginning of the 1260-Day Prophecy of papal persecution from the year 538 AD. Why? Not because there was a decree issued to enthrone the Pope as ‘head of all the churches’. No, Emperor Justinian issued the decree in the year 533. What happened five years later, in 538, was that the Pope successfully eradicated the last of the three Arian tribes that contested the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church. Having removed that which hindered, he became the undisputed successor of the Roman Emperor and progressively took on more and more political authority.

In other words, we’re saying that in the Middle Ages, the Pope received the scepter of spiritual power in the year 533 and the scepter of political power in the year 538. There’s a five-year spread between the two.

I believe we’re about to experience something very similar. We can draw a very interesting parallel between the history of the papacy’s ascent to power in the Middle Ages and in the end of time. Let me explain:

In the year 2015, the Pope sent an official emissary – Bishop Tony Palmer – to meet with American evangelical leaders. That historic meeting was led by Kenneth Copeland. Pope Francis sent a video message for the occasion. Basically, Tony Palmer said that:

  • The Protestant protest was over, there was no more reason to protest
  • If there’s no more protest, then we’re all Catholics
  • He was coming in the spirit of Elijah, to turn the father to the children and the children to the father. The father in question was of course the Pope. The children were the Protestant Churches issued from the Protestant schism in the 1600’s.

It’s interesting to note that since 2015, American Protestants are seldom called or seldom call themselves Protestants anymore. Only the Seventh-day Adventist Church continues the protest. The other churches are now called Evangelicals. Their collaboration with Rome has not ceased to grow.

I submit to you that because the Evangelical leaders came into agreement with the Pope’s emissary, Tony Palmer’s words were established. Therefore, this may be considered the equivalent of the Justinian decree that gave the Pope spiritual authority by declaring him ‘the head of all the churches’. There was no decree issued in 2015, but Evangelical leaders assented to the Pope being the head of all the Protestant churches.

Assuming that since 2015 the Pope is officially the head of all the Protestant churches, we can expect that, in perfect historical parallelism, five years later, in 2020, that which hinders the Pope’s ascent to political power will be removed. History will be repeated. And what is it that hinders the Pope’s ascent to political power? The current world order of which the United States is the cornerstone. The US needs to collapse so that the Pope can be unanimously named One World Leader.

The Pope’s Convocation to a Rally in Rome

Everything we’ve said so far may help us understand the Pope’s invitation to world leaders to join him in Rome for a Global Educational Alliance. This meeting is intended to be a victory rally. It’s modeled after the famous Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany which played a pivotal role in entrenching Hitler’s dictatorship.

Breaking news: The National Catholic Register just reported that Pope Francis is postponing his May convocation to the month of October due to the Corona Virus crisis. But we know that the Lord is sovereign over all. I believe this date change will actually bring the Pope’s  victory rally into synch with the Lord’s timelines.

The rally will consolidate his position as the favorite contender for the One World Leader job.

Consider also the intense preparation for the global evangelical revival planned for the first half of this year. Most continents are involved. Clearly, we’re being prepared for something very big to happen.

God’s Covenant Promise

We’re poised to enter the biggest time of trouble that’s ever been since there was a nation. God is calling all of us to repent of our sins and be reconciled to Him. He will clothe us in the righteousness of Christ. By His grace alone will we be able to walk in victory through the fiery trials ahead. “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 24:13)

The Bible says in Genesis 3:1: “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” The devil is engineering natural disasters that appear biblical, such as locust swarms, red oceans and bleeding earth. Satan works to give the impression that what is happening is the result of God’s wrath against a sinful world. And of course it is. God is allowing all this to happen to warn a sinful world that unless they repent and turn to him they will be destroyed.

Precisely at the time when God is revealing to the last generation that He WILL keep His covenant promise of eternal inheritance to those who obey Him, Satan is causing a large number of floods on the earth. As he did at the Tower of Babel which reached unto heaven, in our generation Satan is causing men to doubt God’s word that He would never again destroy the earth by a flood.

Who will you believe? All those who reject truth and receive not the love of the truth will receive strong delusion and believe the ultimate lie, the nearly overmastering delusion. They will be deceived when Satan makes his counterfeit appearance as Jesus Christ. Could this be the event they’re preparing us for?

Brothers and sisters, now is the time to prepare. We need to pray like we’ve never prayed before. We need to study like we’ve never studied before. We need to seek the Lord like we’ve never sought Him before. And He will be found of us if we seek Him with all our hearts. (Jeremiah 29:13)


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  1. Thank you for your information, very eye opening! I pray that we all keep our eyes focused on Christ our “ONLY”hope, and not be found wanting when He returns!

    • Thank you dear sister for that encouragement. Yes, let’s look up for our salvation draweth nigh! May the Lord bless and keep you always.

  2. Ella van wolferen

    It’s all set.

    • You’re absolutely right. May our Lord carry us through what lies ahead for God’s people. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Thank you. I am a christian . My family ans myself will keep our mind on Jesus and bow to him alone and keep praying and krep prayerful for others and ourselves. Amen

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