082 – New Normal, New Reality

Bill Gates, one of the New World Order magnates

The Corona Virus was released in order to accelerate the establishment of the New World Order. MARLA ILONA analyzes the true nature of this regime and the techniques they’re using to bring the nations of the world to their knees.


The world we knew is gone forever. We’re in a new reality. The Corona Virus Quarantine is the cover for a deep political, economic and societal transformation that is taking place. When we emerge from this crisis, we’ll have lost all the freedoms we so took for granted because no one was willing to fight to keep them.

Welcome to the new normal. Today we’ll be talking about the different aspects of the transformation we’re going through and how it relates to certain biblical templates for the end time. I’m going to start with a recap of the Corona Virus agenda and why it was released upon mankind. Then we’ll talk about the New World Order and how its agenda has been furthered by the release of the virus. Last but not least we’ll go to the Bible and consider three Bible templates that shed great light on what we can expect to see in this new reality we’ve been thrust into.

Please make sure to stay with me until the very end. Let’s get started!

The Corona Virus Deception

Mankind is fighting an invisible enemy called the Corona Virus. It’s a perfect metaphor for mankind’s invisible archenemy, Satan, the enemy of our souls, and his son, the anti-christ. Interesting in this metaphor that Donald Trump calls himself a wartime president…

We all know by now that this virus was engineered in a laboratory and released upon the world. Let’s discuss the six goals behind the release of the Corona Virus:

Corona Virus Goal #1: Create a climate of panic and terror

Create a climate of panic and terror among the world population. When people are panic-stricken, they’re willing to do almost anything for the sake of safety and protection. How did they manage to create this climate of terror? Essentially through the media, by staging great drama as we saw in New York City while most of the country is untouched. The hospitals are empty. Hospital personnel are posting pictures and videos of them dancing Instagram and other social media because they have nothing else to do.

They’ve also exaggerated the mortality risk of this virus. The most recent numbers show a mortality rate of 0.1% which is comparable to the flu.

They’ve misrepresented the cause of death on death certificates. Most countries have done this, but especially the US CDC or Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines asking doctors to state “Corona Virus” as the cause of death on death certificates for anyone infected with the virus even if that wasn’t the cause of death. Doctors are speaking up against this fraud.

Corona Virus Goal #2: Control the population with totalitarian measures

The governments of the world have seized this opportunity to take unconstitutional power and impose restrictions on people’s liberties that were unthinkable 5 months ago. basically, we’ve lost many of our civil liberties that we thought were guaranteed by our Constitution. In effect, we’ve been living under martial law.

Most democratic republics across the world, including of course the US, guarantee these three basic freedoms:

-The right of lawful movement

-The right to peaceably assemble

-The right to be protected from unreasonable search or seizure of person, property, correspondence, etc.

Most democratic republics of the world have taken those rights away from their citizens by enforcing strict stay-at-home orders. In many countries, curfews are also being implemented as well as police roadblocks and checkpoints. They have also taken away our right to peaceably assemble: all social gatherings are banned including religious gatherings.

Let’s just take the example of New Zealand, which was a democracy until now. By new government orders police have the right to enter any home to search for unsanctioned gatherings. The new rules are giving police unconstitutional authority to use any “force necessary to compel, enforce, or ensure compliance” with the new lockdown measures.

New Zealand is not alone. This is happening all over the world.

Worse yet, the World Health Organization is now warning that they may be forced (oh, please!) to enter into our homes and seize family members that may be infected with the virus “to remove them and isolate them in a safe place in a dignified manner”. (Interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson)

We haven’t seen the end of this yet. The people of the world are asleep. They’re using the quarantine to catch up on Netflix movies and sports games they missed. When they finally wake up, it’ll be too late. We’ll all be living in a totalitarian police state.

Corona Virus Goal #3: Provoke an economic collapse

The worst crime of all is the economic shutdown. People are locked up at home and can’t go to work. They’re being deprived from their livelihood.

Others have believed the deception and are afraid to go back to work. They’re protesting about the lack of PPE (personal protection equipment) or insufficient sanitation in the workplace.

Hundreds of businesses large and small are going bankrupt. When they ease up on the economic lockdown, most people won’t have a job to go back to.

Supply chains are being disrupted. This is destroying a very delicate part of the global economy. We live in an economy based on “just-in-time delivery” of all goods. That includes raw materials for industry as well as groceries and produce for retail. There’s a lot of business science in those modern supply chains that have taken decades to build and fine-tune. All of that is currently being destroyed and will be extremely hard to rebuild.

But we know that the real motivation behind this engineered economic collapse is the economic reset.

We’re heading into a new, socialistic economy. The Pope has called for a world-wide “global minimum wage” for all workers who can’t work. “Talk of a universal basic income (UBI), or regular cash payments with minimal or no requirements for receiving the money, has been brought to the forefront as social distancing and economic concerns have put millions of people out of work”, according to CNBC.com.

The other side of the coin of the new economy is that it’s digital and cashless. There had been talk of the US Senate introducing a bill for a digital currency together with the package of Covid 19 measures. They ultimately didn’t put it through. I think the reason why is because the new economy will be based on a single global currency and it probably won’t be a crypto-dollar!

But that’s where we’re headed: an economy where all transactions are fully digital. Every transaction is logged on a network of computers using very sophisticated algorithms called Blockchains. The transactions are activated directly online or by use of an electronic chip at some point of sale.

Bitcoin is an example of a cryptocurrency on the market, there are others. We’ll have to wait and see which one becomes the new single world currency or if the New World Order launches one of its own.

Corona Virus Goal #4: Help introduce the Sunday Law

The Pope himself let the cat out of the bag with regard to the linkage between Covid 19 and his Laudato Si climate agenda. There’s the bear leaving his footsteps in the snow for the wise hunter to follow. The Pope said in an interview with CNN that the Corona Virus “might be nature’s response to the man-made climate crisis”.

“We did not respond to the partial catastrophes. Who now speaks of the fires in Australia, or remembers that 18 months ago a boat could cross the North Pole because the glaciers had all melted? Who speaks now of the floods?” the pope said, as CNN reported. “I don’t know if these are the revenge of nature, but they are certainly nature’s responses.”

Of course, we very well know that behind the scenes, the Vatican and its military arm, the Jesuits, have orchestrated both crises, climate and virus, in order to further their New World Order agenda. For those of you who receive my newsletter I shared with you how in 2017 the French cartoon Astérix had predicted the Corona Virus and very clearly linked it with Rome.

What’s behind the Laudato Si or the climate agenda? Why is the Vatican pushing that so single-mindedly? What’s behind it is the Sunday Law: enforced Sunday worship, and those who resist will not be allowed to participate in the economy in any way. We will not be allowed to buy or sell.

And what are we seeing happening in many countries across the world, and many states in the United States? Sunday is the official shutdown day. Sunday is when ALL businesses are shut down. They’re preparing us for what’s to come: a Sunday day of rest for the planet. More predictive programming.

Problem is: Sunday is the not God-appointed day of rest. It’s the seventh-day Sabbath, from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

When it’s time for Trump or the governors of the various states to make decisions on whether, when and how to reopen the economy, they’re turning to religious advisors to help them make those decisions. Interesting.

Corona Virus Goal #5: Help reduce the world population

Corona Virus is just another man-made disease that seeks to kill people either directly in a small percentage of cases, or indirectly through a mandatory vaccine that kills. The Corona Virus vaccine, when it becomes available, will have a nasty composition. According to an ex-FEMA member who had and still has access to very privileged information, these are the three components of the Corona Virus vaccine:

  • Fetal tissues from aborted babies
  • Mice blood from humanized mice (mice that look like mice but whose organs have been genetically modified with human DNA)
  • And the infamous DARPA hydrogel. The DARPA hydrogel is a military-developed gel that once injected into the body sticks to the interior layer of the skin (called the sub-derma) and bonds with it. It can be used to predict illness, and it also serves as an electronic transmitter receiver if there’s an electronic component on the outside of the skin such as a special chip in a watch for example. The problem with this gel is that once injected it can never be removed.

No human mind alone can devise a vaccine with fetal tissues of dead babies or mice blood from humanized blood. Clearly there are sinister spiritual powers, fallen angels, at work here, using unscrupulous human agents to further their agenda to deface the image of God in men.

Corona Virus Goal #6: Provide a distraction for the roll-out of 5G

Well, here we round out the final motivation behind unleashing the Corona Virus upon the world. While we were all distracted buying hand sanitizer and fighting over toilet paper in the supermarket (I had one of those toilet paper moments myself, remind me to tell you about it…) the dark powers were rolling out 5G technology on an unsuspecting world.

In La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, they rolled out 5G towers all over the city in a matter of a few days while everyone was quarantined. In the US, the 5G bill of law was passed on March 23, 2020. The President has 180 days to produce a roll-out strategy for 5G technology. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/893/text

Why is 5G important? 5G plays a big part in the depopulation agenda. It makes you very sick and if exposed to 5G for long periods people develop cancers and other illnesses. 5G significantly compromises your immune system and makes you feel dizzy and nauseated most of the time. Let me read you an extract from a recent article in Scientific American:

“Citing (a) large body of research, more than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal…”. Here’s a statement taken from the appeal document:

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.

Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.” https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/

It’s claimed that in the city of Wuhan where the Corona Virus started there’s been extensive deployment of 5G which made the population more vulnerable to the disease.

The Last Kingdom Before Jesus Comes

What I’d like to do now is review with you the five main goals of the New World Order and we’ll see why Corona Virus is such a perfect match. The New World Order will be the last kingdom before Jesus comes.

It will be a government that combines church and state under one leader. Why is that? Because Satan has a counterfeit for everything God does. God’s government is a theocracy, where civil and religious life are one. That was the case of the nation of Israel until they asked for a king. That’s why the Lord says we’re a kingdom of kings and priests, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.

Satan wanted to beat that so he devised the fornicating church who fornicates with world leaders to further her religious agenda. Having separated herself from God, the Apostate Church has no spiritual power of influence. Therefore, she harnesses the power of the kings of the earth, the rulers of the nations, to enforce laws and decrees that impose her religion. She seduces them with supposed solutions for the issues that matter to them, like the economy and climate change, but they always end up yielding to her agenda. And eing used by her.

Tragically, the end result of the combination of church and state has always been religious tyranny and the persecution, death and torture of millions of God’s saints.

Let’s review the five top goals of the New World Order and we’ll see that they fit the Corona Virus agenda hand in glove.

NWO Goal #1

Reduce the world population from 7.5 Billion to 500 Million. We already talked about some strategies to do that, such as 5G to induce illnesses and the imposition of deadly vaccinations.

Climate engineering and the deliberate destruction of the earth’s biosphere is another example of mass elimination of people. Very soon – 5 to 7 years at most – the earth’s biosphere won’t be able to support life anymore.

What we haven’t mentioned yet is that induced famines and starvation are also on the agenda. This is another aspect of the economic disruption we’re witnessing right now through the Corona Virus. They’re also achieving it through the locust plagues in Africa which I talked about in my podcast 2020 Prophetic Beginnings.

When the supply chains are broken, food begins to rot in the storehouses and warehouses. If no one’s working the land or the food processing plants, there’s no food production. With most of the world living in cities with no means of producing food for themselves, you get the picture.

NWO Goal #2

Guide, control and intervene with human reproduction. They’re experimenting with all kinds of abominations by tampering with human DNA, mixing it with animal and even plant DNA.

They also want to merge humans with computers through Artificial Intelligence in order to produce Human 2.0.

We understand the true goal here: to deface God’s image and likeness from mankind and assimilate us with beasts and machines.

It’s quite horrifying but true that they will feed people insect protein and other abominations to further degrade the human race.

NWO Goal #3:

Implement a One World Government led by a One World Leader heading a supra-national governance body with total power and control over the entire world population. That was Hitler’s ambition for Europe. That is anti-christ’s ambition for the world.

The Pope has been calling for precisely such a supra-national governance body to steer the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. As the climate crisis continues and is exacerbated by more geo-engineering and more engineered pandemics, the nations of the world will hand over the baton of power to the Pope.

However, before that can happen, the current governance model of the democratic constitutional republic needs to collapse with its accompanying capitalistic economic model. That’s the process we’re in right now.

As a result of the breakdown of the democratic constitutional republic we’ll see exactly what we’re seeing: constitutions being abolished and the borders and boundaries between nations collapsing.

NWO Goal #4

Implement a new economic model of a single global electronic currency or crypto-currency also called digital cashless economy. The principles on which this economy will operate are socialistic principles: it doesn’t matter whether you work or not, it doesn’t matter what you ring to the tale, everyone will get paid the same. We also must give up everything for the common good.

What’s really behind this is the need for the new totalitarian religious regime to secure total control of a person’s ability to participate in the economy. Just as in a communistic regime, you need to show total support of the party in order to get a job and better or bigger rations of food, so in the New World Order.

Every person will need to demonstrate allegiance to the beast of Revelation 13 by honoring Sunday as the day of rest. There will be a global Sunday Law passed to compel all the citizens of the world to worship on Sunday.

Sunday is the mark of Rome’s ecclesiastical authority. Sunday observance is what Revelation 13 calls “worshipping the beast”. Revelation 13:4 says: “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

Sunday worship is dragon worship; it’s worshipping the sun god of antiquity, Lucifer the fallen angel. Lucifer is coming back for direct worship disguised as Jesus Christ. He will also receive worship through his son, anti-christ, the son of perdition.

If you don’t comply, if you refuse to worship the dragon and the beast, if you persist in observing God’s holy Sabbath, you won’t be able to buy or sell. That means that you need to either have your own means of material sustenance such as lodging, food and water, or you won’t survive. 99% of city dwellers will die. They’re coming after us through our bellies. It will take a very strong relationship with the Lord and a strong portion of His Spirit to resist what lies ahead, and to remain faithful to Him, trusting that He will provide for His children.

NWO Goal #5

All these goals fit together into a neatly interlocking grid. There’s no escape. The serpent has coiled itself around the world. It’s a terrifying image but that’s what’s happened. The dragon, that old serpent called Satan, is tightening its hold on the inhabitants of the world. Listen closely to the 5th. and final goal of the New World Order so that you understand how it all hangs together.

The New World Order is completely interlinked with the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement. A big part of the NWO plan is to completely rearrange the world habitat.

You need to remember who’s behind this evil master plan: Satan himself. He wants to abolish the perfect order that God established at creation.

God said man would have dominion over the beasts and over all creation. Satan wants to take that dominion away from man and give it to the beasts. God said spread out and fill the earth. Satan says no, the animals will fill the earth; men will be restricted to living in a few large urban centers.

The New World Order plans to move humans off more than 80% of the land and devolve that to nature, making it natural reserves with no human population. Men will be squeezed into high-rise buildings in a few large urban centers. This kingdom is literally the beast kingdom. The beasts will be free to roam the earth while human beings will be confined to very restricted urban centers.

By the way, you may have noticed some videos on YouTube showing the animals taking over spaces where humans used to congregate before. That’s more of their sinister, insidious predictive programming to get us used to the idea that the animals will take over what used to be our space.

How do we get there from here?

Brothers and sisters, we knew the game plan, but I certainly never imagined that someone would step on the accelerator and things would begin to unravel so quickly. All it took was one big crisis and we’re in it. There’s no going back.

Spiritual Babylon is working through the Jesuits and the ruling elite of the New World Order to consolidate its power. Let’s look at some of the techniques they are using.

The media

The whole world is wondering after the beast. The media play a very big part in the dissemination of lies and mass deception. The whole world is as hypnotized, mesmerized by the drama that’s being played out on the screens of our devices. It is amazing to me how people are just following along with their game. Now masks have become the cool thing and people are designing and selling designer masks! Please!

I’d already talked about the upcoming Pope rally for the Global Educational Alliance and how they’re following the pattern of the Nuremberg rallies in Nazi Germany. I hope this now makes more sense to you.


There’s a verse in Revelation 18 that says: “…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” I was familiar with this verse and also with the fact that in Greek the word for sorcery is pharmakeia, the origin of our words pharmacy and pharmaceutical.. But I have to thank Pastor Branner for making the connection with the vaccines. We were having a conversation and he told me that the Holy Spirit had just revealed to him the connection between that verse and the vaccines.  Pharmakeia literally means sorcery (as in alchemy and magic) but it also encompasses drugs and medicines such as vaccines.

Brothers and sisters, whatever you do, please don’t take the Corona Virus vaccine! I’m warning you. It will either kill you physically (as some trumpet blowers have warned) or it will kill you spiritually. Remember, the battle is for the mind. God seals you in the forehead, in your frontal lobe. If you take a vaccine that weakens your ability to discern between good and evil or weakens your intention to remain faithful to God, you’ll end up taking the mark of the beast and will lose your soul. This is extremely serious! Please heed the warning.

The belly

The new regime is going to deliberately create famine in the land. Food will be rationed, and once the Sunday Law is in place you’ll have to take the mark of the beast in order to get food. Unless you’re totally grounded in a deep intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you will sell your birthright for a plate of lentils. There’s nothing more urgent than to develop that saving relationship with Jesus NOW. He will give you grace to remain faithful, trusting in Him that He will provide for us like He provided for Elijah. We will most certainly feel like we’re not getting enough to eat, but we won’t die of starvation. Our bread and water will be sure.

So these are the three key ways in which people will be compelled to worship the beast: mass hypnosis through relentless propaganda in the media, no food and no buying or selling unless you show allegiance to the beast, and vaccinations possibly combined with other drugs that will cause your faithfulness to God to waver and you’ll end up selling your soul to the beast.

Let’s pray.






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  1. Greetings from Scotland. Wonderful timley message for this last generation, May God wake His people up. Lets keep the bold and brave people in this world in prayer who may not know Jesus who nevertheless speak out and warn the public about these things also. Thankyou Marla and City Bible Group for your love for the Lord Jesus and your courage to tell it how it is. Remember God is still in control and knows what He is doing. Yeah, let the three Angels message roar and soon. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Dear Patrick, I’m very blessed by your comment, thank you! It’s encouraging for me, but the Lord gets all the honor, glory and praise because I’m only His instrument. I agree with you, we need to pray that the Lord will win over to His side all the whistle-blowers, independent media journalists, and other lovers of truth who’re not afraid to speak out against the tyranny of evil rulers. The Lord will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness, for a short work will the Lord perform upon the earth. Hallelujah! Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus!

  2. Are you affiliated with the 7th Day Adventist Church in any way?

    • Dear Thea, thank you for your question. Yes, I’m a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for nearly 8 years now. I wasn’t raised in that church. When I first came to Christ I attended a Sunday church for 6 months, but the Lord made known His will for me that I should become a SDA. Is there a reason why you ask?

  3. Marla,
    Thank you for these posts. I gain a comfort and reassurance that is not easily found elsewhere. Please know that our Lord is speaking to me and others thru your labors.
    The Lord is helping me deal with the glee that fills me when I see and hear the goings-on in the world now. A survivor’s guilt I suppose. Yet I know that everyone, every single soul in this world is being given more opportunities to accept Him into their hearts than they/we really deserve.
    Blessings and peace on your house, see you all soon,

    • Dear Ron, I’m so blessed by your comment. Our Lord gets all the praise and glory, we’re only His instruments. You’re right to feel joy: our salvation draweth nigh! Yes, although the Lord says He will do a short work in the earth, it will be a GREAT work. Let’s get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for sharing your feelings. I hope this will inspire others to listen to the podcast.

      • Greetings and happy Sabbath,

        Sending this message from the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. I loved your post! Strong and very useful for this troubling time. A close friend of mine sent this post to me from Europe. So happy and blessed to have read it all to the end. May God continue to bless you.



        • Hi dear R,

          Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m blessed you were blessed by the post. May the Lord be praised!

          Just want to let you know that this is actually a podcast episode 🙂

          There’s a media player at the top of the page, click on it and have a listen. It’s a more direct, more personal experience to listen. I do hope you’ll become a regular listener and will share it with others.

          God bless you,


  4. With all due respect:
    Conspiracy theories enunciated vigorously and mixed with truth do not make them truthful. To the law and the testimony.’
    Please do not announce to the world that these ideas are supported by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is not a humble and biblical response of a child of God willing to help others to salvation. Let us be wise as serpents but humble as doves.

    • Thank you dear brother for your email and for sharing your concern with us. For the record, I have not once ever stated that my views are supported by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. My views are supported by the Word of God and the writings of Ellen G. White.

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