004 – Powerful Testimony: Real Resurrection Story and New Age Defeated

Lou Lou and Bible 2


This podcast episode is a powerful testimony of a recent, real-life, true resurrection that the Lord did of my pet Lou Lou whose heart failed during surgery.  I tell the story of how the Lord performed this miracle and all the signs and wonders that accompanied it.  I  then also describe how the evil came into my life that attacked Lou Lou (because this was a spiritual warfare attack), through a charming person I was ministering to who unbeknownst to her was channeling an evil spirit.  I am very aware that this all sounds totally surreal, yet it’s a very true story.


I invite you to listen even if you are feeling skeptical, because I share some of my personal story about how I was able to come out of the New Age where I had been imprisoned for many years before coming to Christ.  The show ends with a summary of the biblical principles relating to:  accepting gifts in ministry, how the God of the Bible still works miracles today, and the one … Continue reading

Q & A – Podcast No. 3 – The Power of the Word of God


Let’s say someone is struggling with a big issue issue in their lives.  How would they go about using the Word of God to help solve the issue?


That’s a really good question, Angel, I’m sure our listeners are wondering about that.

I recommend looking up Bible verses that are related to your problem.  You can do a Google search for “bible passages about healing” or “bible passages about money” for example.  You can do the same search in your bible as many bibles have topical indexes.  Then it’s really important that you try to understand what God says about those topics.  For example, if someone struggles continuously with their health, it would be good to read not only what the bible says about healing but also what it teaches about diet and other lifestyle practices.  If the problem is finances, it’s good to learn what God says about tithing and offerings.  And so forth.

Once you understand God’s guidance on the topic, then also start to work with His promises.  Write down specific verses (I put them on index cards) and carry them around with you.  Memorize them, read them out loud and pray with them.  Praying … Continue reading

003 – The Power of the Word of God

Setting the Record Straight: God's Truth for this Generation Podcasts

dreamstime_Bible with Sword


The Word of God has the power to create, to predict, to enlighten, to guide, to bless and to sanctify. His Word is established in the heavens forever: it’s eternal and unchangeable. His Word never fails. You can learn to harness the power of this Word – that never returns void – to change your life and change yourself. God’s Word is the sword of the Spirit and guarantees the victory every time. It was Jesus’ weapon against Satan during His temptation in the desert. “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. Learn to walk in the light of God’s Word.


In our last episode we examined archaeological evidence that the Bible is indeed the Word of God.  We demonstrated that Satan’s strategy has not changed since he started his rebellion in heaven:  through lies and deceit he tries to trick you and me into disobeying God’s law.  Satan will do anything to keep you and me away from God’s Word, because he knows that the Holy … Continue reading