008 – Saturday vs. Sunday



Someone thought to change “times and laws” and transfer God’s holy day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. Learn the whole truth, from the history of this change to the implications for the end time generation.

These are the issues we’ll be addressing in this program:

  • Quick recap of what we learned in our last program regarding the Fourth Commandment, to answer the question:  What is the Seal of God?  How do I get it?
  • Why do most Christians worship on Sunday instead of the Sabbath?  Was the day of worship changed, and if so, why and by whom?
  • By whose authority did Sunday worship enter the Christian Church? We’ll do a quick historical overview that will take us back to the fourth century after the death of … Continue reading

Q&A – 007 Remember the Sabbath Podcast


How do we honor the Sabbath?  What should we do and not do?  What happens if someone has to work on the Sabbath?  And what about children’s activities on the Sabbath, there are so many team sports we want our children to participate in and lessons that they take on the Sabbath?


Those are great questions.   I’m sure our listeners are wondering about that.

Well, the primary goal of the Sabbath is to cease from our manual, physical and intellectual labor and to consecrate these 24 hours to the Lord.  The Sabbath starts at sunset on Friday evening and ends at sunset on Saturday evening.  During those hours, God is making Himself available to His children.  He wants us to come together and worship Him in unity, because as we congregate His Shekinah glory can more easily dwell in our midst.  It’s also a time of refreshing because … Continue reading