009 – The Mark of the Beast

Seven Hills of Rome


Taking the mark of the beast will result in dreadful punishment here on earth and also in eternal death.  The consequences of taking this mark are catastrophic and completely irreversible.  Learn who the beast is and what is his mark, so that you may be prepared to avoid this endtime pitfall.

The Mark of the Beast

In this episode called “The Mark of the Beast” we’ll be examining the prophetic implications of Saturday vs. Sunday observance. In our last program we demonstrated the link between God’s Seal and His Law, in particular His Holy Sabbath. These are the questions we’ll be answering today:

  • What is the link between prophecy and the change in the day of worship? If God’s Seal is the Sabbath, what is the link between the mark of the beast and counterfeit worship or Sunday worship?
  • Does scripture say who exactly is the beast? What are the characteristics that allow us to identify the beast beyond the shadow of a doubt? And … Continue reading