010 – US Economy in Bible Prophecy

Federal Reserve Bank

In this episode, Angel Blanchard, representing City Bible Group’s community, asks Marla Ilona some very pointed questions about the ministry and the signs of the end time.  Learn how the US economy is part of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and how this will affect you in the near future. Marla explains how fiat money works (the basis of our economic system) and what will happen when they stop propping up the economy and the dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve currency.

Why do our podcasts go so deep into scripture instead of providing a summary or an overview? 

Well, let me use an analogy. Let’s say you wanted to learn a new language.  It would be totally impossible to learn a new language in 30-second sound-bytes! Can’t be done. If you want to learn a new language well and fast, what is required is total immersion. Most language schools offer a total immersion program. Students spend the entire day at school, speaking the new language … Continue reading