Pope’s Visit to Philadelphia: He who has an ear…

Pope in Philadelphia editedFamily is the Trojan Horse

The Pope’s strategic visit to the US next month will revolve around the family.  Pope Francis will be attending the Catholic World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.  In a recent catechesis or official Catholic teaching broadcast on Vatican Radio, Pope Francis discussed the three components of the message he’ll deliver in Philadelphia:  1) celebrations (a euphemism for the Sunday mass) 2) work and 3) family.  The Pope is using the family as the platform on which to push Sunday sacredness.

According to the Pope, “Moments of rest, especially on Sunday, are sacred because in them we find God”. (I beg to differ, because God ordained the Sabbath as the day of rest in commemoration of His rest after Creation.  He instructed us to worship Him on the Sabbath as the Lord of all Creation.)  Furthermore the Pope added that “The Sunday Eucharist bring to our celebrations every grace of Jesus Christ”.

We know Bible prophecy, therefore we know where this is headed.  The argument will soon be made … Continue reading

The Creative Christian

chalkboard wallThis is a simple, fun, decorative idea for praising God. Make a praise wall in your bedroom, prayer closet, any room, with chalkboard paper. What is chalkboard paper? Chalkboard paper is contact paper you can buy in a roll at Wal Mart ( that is where I bought mine) in the contact paper section of the store. It comes in two colors: hot pink, & traditional black. I chose the pink as you can see above. The roll was under 10.00$ and included a good amount of sq. ft.

How do you start? Pick a wall in your house, paper it with self adhesive chalk board contact paper then, write/journal a scripture, a message, a faith declaration with chalk on this wall. You can also erase your chalk message on this paper as you would a chalkboard. So fun!

The creative possibilities for God are endless. For me it was a way to talk, interact with God in a creative and expressive way. I love to  honor God with the creative side of who I am. Are you a creative Christian? Stay tuned … Continue reading

Feedback from England

Official England Flag

“Hi Marla,

I saw you on 3ABN a while ago with CA Murry and recorded some of the show (the recorder cut off half way…)   I played a part of the 3ABN online video for my husband and filled him in on part of your amazing story…. To God be the glory!!!

If I recall correctly you have a CD which I am interested in.  We live in England and your CD could be a great tool.  The UK is pretty hard place to witness!

You all are doing a WONDERFUL thing!  We are feeling such an urgency to help finish the work, because Jesus is coming very soon and we all need to be out there saving souls!

P.S I listened to your first podcast “The Origin of the Great Conflict” and it is terrific!  So plain to understand.  Love it!!!

Judy, England”

Judy, thank you and your husband for your encouraging words.  We’re trying to apply new, more engaging methods for sharing God’s truth.  To our God be all the glory! … Continue reading

Colorado River Disaster – Another Sign of the Times

Colorado animas-river mine leak

This is what the Animas River in Colorado looks like after the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) caused a disastrous leak from Gold King Mine in southern Colorado.

The color of the water turned to mustard yellow due to the presence of heavy metals and other toxins.  Lead levels are 12000 times the acceptable level for human exposure.  The test samples of the river water now show dangerously high levels of other toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, beryllium and mercury. The 3 million gallons of water spewing out of the abandoned mine also contain zinc, iron and copper.

The EPA is taking responsibility while trying to minimize the danger for residents, cattle and crops.  Three states are directly affected:  Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.  The poisonous waters also flowed from the Animas into the San Juan River in New Mexico. It carried the pollution into Utah.  The rivers serve as the source for five water supply systems.

The Animas River poisoning is nothing compared to the risk contained within another 500 abandoned mines all over the … Continue reading

021 – Astrology – Top 10 Countdown of New Age Lies: #6

dreamstime_Moon Astrology BIG

Astrology is the pillar and foundation of the occult arts. Learn about its dangers.

Astrology is one of those timeless dark arts yet our society has given it a veneer of social acceptability. Tens of millions of Americans believe in astrology. One Gallup poll indicated that at least 10 percent of Evangelical Christians also believe in astrology. Several hundred million newspapers and magazines carry astrological columns in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. Over a billion people across the world rely on astrology to make decisions about their health, finances, careers, relationships and marriages. We’re going to shine the light on what astrology is, what are its roots and its claims.   We’ll see what scripture has to say about it and compare that to the testimony of people who’ve been involved with astrology, including my own.

Here and there in this program I’ll quote from an excellent book on astrology written from a Christian perspective. The book is called “Astrology: do the heavens rule over our destiny?” and was written by John … Continue reading