Analysis of the Pope’s U.S. visit

APTOPIX US Pope FrancisA woman holds an icon as she watches Pope Francis celebrate Mass outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Sept. 26, 2015.  Photo: Alex Brandon, Associated Press.

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States in September 2015 was a preview of what’s to come. The entire schedule of his visit served to affirm Catholic ascendancy on U.S. soil and to further establish him as the One World’s spiritual leader. Millions turned out to cheer the pope wherever he went: “and all the world wondered after the beast”.

The pope canonized the first saint ever to be canonized on U.S. ground. The Book of Revelation Chapter 12 tells the story of God’s true church that suffered the dragon’s (that is, Satan’s) persecution for 1260 years, the … Continue reading

026 – Art and Creativity for Christ

Fear Not
Refreshing and uplifting interview with Angel Blanchard on art and creativity for Christ. For men and women.

Interview with Angel Blanchard, Artist

Please note:  For inquiries about Angel’s art, you may contact her directly by email: 

On today’s podcast Angel tells us about her art:

  • how she came to Christ
  • her artistic background
  • her spiritual progression – from lukewarm to serving the Lord
  • her first collection of paintings
  • how she gets her inspiration
  • plans to take her collection to Europe
  • creative tips for believers to keep their walk fresh and exciting

We also discuss the many facets of art and creativity related to our spirituality:

  • what role art plays or can play in our Christian lives
  • how art can support evangelism in the US and in many other countries … Continue reading

025 – Do What Thou Wilt – Top 10 Countdown of New Age Lies #4

Do What Thou Wilt

“Do What Thou Wilt” is a manifesto of rebellion against God.  Real happiness comes from surrendering our will to Him.

In today’s program we’re going to expose another dangerous New Age lie. A very controversial figure of the 20th. century resurrected this ancient lie and elaborated a theoretical construct which has served American witchcraft to justify its methods and very existence. Further, New Age channels and the Illuminati movement have also latched on to this credo of disobedience to God. Let’s get started!

“Do what thou wilt”

Behind every New Age teaching ultimately lies one foundational principle: “Do what thou wilt.” Every person is encouraged to seek their own path, fulfill their own desires, and give full expression to their own … Continue reading