Pope Francis: Power to Broker, Summon and Rebuke

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Source photo: ABC News (abcnews.go.com)

Here are some of highlights of Pope Francis’ recent achievements on the public scene:

  • He’s building a strategic web of political loyalties and alliances through intelligent influencing and brokering of agreements between nations. Pope Francis helped to lift the sanctions against Iran for their nuclear weapons policies, thereby gaining good will and a faithful friend in the Middle East. Last year he brokered the renewing of economic and diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, with Cuba being a spring board to an alliance with Russia.
  • This month Pope Francis combined religious and geo-political alliance strategies as he met in Cuba with the head Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is a natural outflow of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican in June of last year. “The Catholic-Orthodox summit in Havana will also come just months before the expected first joint meeting, or synod, of the various Orthodox churches in more than a thousand years. Differences between the Russian and other Orthodox leaders have complicated planning for the landmark … Continue reading
  • Obama Carries One World Religion in His Pocket

    Obama YouTube interview MODIFIED

    Ingrid Nilsen interviews President Barack Obama

    During a recent YouTube interview with U.S. President Obama, Ingrid Nilsen asked him to share with her and the audience some personal object that has special significance for him. The President reached into his pocket, and took out the following objects:

    • “This is a Catholic rosary that Pope Francis gave me. It means a lot to me. I do admire him, makes me think of peace and promoting understanding and ethical behavior“.
    • “A little Buddha that a Buddhist monk gave me”.
    • “A lucky poker chip that metal that a biker gave me”.
    • “A Hindu statuette of the monkey god Hanuman that a woman gave me”.
    • “And I have a Coptic cross from Ethiopia”.

    A very interesting collection indeed that the President chose to present on that interview. When you’re the president of a world superpower, any media appearance is carefully planned and utilized to communicate strategic political messages. This is far from being a random assortment of objects. The president is sending … Continue reading

    030 – All Paths Lead to Heaven: #1 Biggest New Age Lie


    The #1 Biggest Lie of the New Age is the Anti-christ and One World Religion.

    We’ve finally reached the top of the countdown of New Age Lies. What a journey it’s been. In today’s program we’re going to unmask the biggest deception that Satan has crafted for New Agers around the globe. We’ll discover that this lie is not only spiritual, it’s also geo-political and was predicted by Bible prophecy over 2000 years ago.

    All Paths Lead to Heaven

    The New Age is a large umbrella of beliefs that spans many geographies, cultures, religions and forms of worship including: Buddhism, Hinduism, the shamanism of indigenous populations, Chinese metaphysics, and occult practices such as astrology, divination and necromancy which has been relabeled channeling. New Agers believe that all of these beliefs are simultaneously true for whoever believes in them and not true for those who don’t. For them, all spiritual paths lead to heaven and we get to choose which path we take to get there. Let’s analyze this umbrella concept … Continue reading