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032 – Pattern of Heavenly Things


The Sanctuary of ancient Israel, built after a heavenly pattern, has important prophetic implications for us today.

In today’s program we’re going to explore the very foundation of the Christian faith, which relatively few Christians understand or even know about. Those who are familiar … Continue reading

031 – Diet and Spirituality


What lessons about diet can we learn from the Book of Daniel, meant to be revealed only at the end of time?

In today’s program we’ll be discussing the surprising relationship between diet and spirituality. I say surprising because many Christians haven’t fully … Continue reading

Listener’s Question: Elijah’s Letter


Elijahs Letter

Question from one of our listeners:

Regarding the warning letter that was written by the prophet Elijah to King Jehoram: Could it be that the letter was not written by the prophet Elijah to Jehoram at the time of … Continue reading

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