‘Tell The World’ Movie Trailer

Tell the World is a unique cinematic production that powerfully tells the story of the early pioneers of the Seventh-day Advent movement. We witness the great pathos and drama as these men and women of God wrestle to understand scripture, hotly debate theology, and decode bible prophecy about the end time. Tell the World shows us how they overcame the bitter disappointment of 1844 and how God used it to guide and inspire them to seek further revelation. The film is now available on YouTube.

033 – The Genesis Diet


The Genesis Diet. Eating for holiness.

In today’s program we’ll be going deeper into the topic of Diet and Spirituality. We’ll see that this topic is important not only for our good health and longevity but also for our salvation. In our previous program on Diet and Spirituality we reviewed the biblical evidence that God’s perfect diet given to us in the Book of Genesis is the same diet that we the end-time generation should live on. We also demonstrated that as we near the end of time our diet can influence whether we take the seal of God or the mark of the beast.

Today we’re going to provide further evidence of the critical link between food and spirituality, and we’ll describe in more detail what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Let’s get started!

Food is the first hurdle on the spiritual path

In our last program we had seen that all of the stories in the Bible were written as examples specifically for the end-time generation: “Now all these … Continue reading