Children: Biggest Consumers of Internet Pornography

“The largest consumer group for internet pornography is children between 12 and 17.”

The “evil internet” is a dark world filled with all manner of abominations. The minds of many children and teenagers are being warped in their formative years through unrestrained consumption of these evil images. Parents who work of for other reasons leave their children unsupervised day after day may find themselves one day face to face with a police officer coming to confiscate their computers and smart phones for visiting illicit internet sites.

A UK therapist said about one of his young clients: “Jamie is 13 and hasn’t even kissed a girl. But he’s now on the Sex Offender Register after online porn warped his mind…” This is the sad headline of a recent Daily Mail News article that I strongly encourage you to read.

Our children are under assault from every side. This is not a safe world for them. They could easily go missing, taken victim to a pedophile ring. If you don’t believe me, listen to our latest two podcasts where we … Continue reading

037 – From Gay to Straight and Pastor


Interview with Pastor Ron Woolsey. Powerful testimony of a gay man who by the power of Jesus Christ redefined his sexuality and is now a Seventh-day Adventist pastor.

Disclaimer: Audio quality is not great but the encouraging testimony shared and the discussion are worth the effort to listen. I’d been wanting to bring you this testimony for many months and we were finally able to make it happen.

If there are people you love stuck in a gay lifestyle or who define their identity as gay, please share this podcast interview with them.

You can visit Pastor Woolsey’s ministry website at: and his personal website at: