Proposed US Law: “Climate Action Now”

Democrats presenting Climate Action Now proposed bill of law

Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives Spokesperson, presenting the Climate Action Now bill of law H.R9 approved by the House on May 2, 2019.


Do you see any correlation between the US’ involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement and the National Sunday Law? It’s supposed to be voted in the Senate today. The H.R9 law proposal is intended to block President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Once the law is voted the President would have to propose a climate action plan. What do you think? Thank you. Carlos


Hi Carlos, thanks a lot for your great question.

I’m not finding any confirmation that this proposed law was being brought before the US Senate today. The last activity related to H.R9 dates back to May 2, 2019. At that time it was approved by the House of Representatives. It’s now on the Senate “wait list”. (See

If you have more updated information, I’d love to see it. Please send it along!

Indeed, the reason why we’re interested in this proposed law is because of the Vatican’s strategy related to climate change. They’re using and building up this international issue – which concerns the governments of all countries – as a Trojan horse to introduce a Sunday Law in the United States.

Not sure what will be the outcome for this specific bill of law, but the general prophetic trend is that the US – under pressure by the Evangelical block – will end up supporting the Vatican’s strategy.

It’s likely that more natural disasters on American territory are needed to mobilize Americans, in particular Evangelicals, to push President Trump to implement urgent, specific measures, such as a National Sunday Law.

Thanks again Carlos for your question. Keep them coming!




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