7 Reasons to Witness for Jesus

My pastor preached this a few Sabbaths ago and I thought I’d share it with you.

7 Reasons to Witness for Jesus:

  1. Christ died for me while I was yet a sinner, an enemy of God
  2. He resurrected, therefore I’ll have eternal life
  3. The Holy Spirit will be given to me as I witness (my comment: the Lord doesn’t waste His Spirit on those who don’t yield themselves to be used)
  4. Love is active: the commandment says “Love the Lord with all your heart”
  5. Love serves others: if someone else had Jesus and you didn’t, wouldn’t you appreciate if they’d share Him with you?
  6. Jesus has called His people to witness (Acts 1:8)
  7. Jesus will be with us until the end of the world (Matthew 28:29)

Sharing the links to the City Bible Group website, podcasts and YouTube channel is a powerful way to witness for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. May God bless you as you do.

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