A Beautiful Christmas Miracle Story

Cookie, a precious little ShihTzu dog is a miracle story!

Cookie is a miracle story of how God preserved a faithful Catholic family from experiencing tragedy and loss on Christmas Eve. I love dogs and my dog is a very important part of my life. I have other beautiful experiences with dogs but this one rates very high on the scale.

Little Cookie was run over by a car right in front of me. It happened as I was walking my dog in my mom’s neighborhood on Christmas Eve.

Cookie’s family were having a Christmas Eve party with friends. The little dog ran onto the street, presumably to play with my dog, when a car struck her. It was horrendous and traumatic.The car’s tires actually drove over little Cookie’s abdomen.

There was a great commotion as everyone came running to the scene. I simply knelt next to her on the street where she lay and started praying fervently. When her daddy took her limp little body into the house I followed him and prayed over her again.

I was in tears as I continued to walk my dog after the accident, crying out to the Lord for His miraculous power to heal and restore. I feared Cookie’s internal organs might be terribly mangled with internal bleeding because of the way the car rolled over her. The car actually stopped right on top of her until we screamed to the driver to advance!

How would this family, on the day they were celebrating the birth of Messiah, be able to endure the loss of their little dog? When I got home I continued praying and singing hymns of praise. I read out loud three Bible accounts of resurrection and claimed those promises:

  • Elijah raising the widow’s son
  • Elisha raising the Shuunamite woman’s son
  • Jesus raising Lazarus

At bedtime last night my family prayed with me on behalf of Cookie’s family, and again this morning I went to the Lord in prayer. At noon I went over to Cookie’s home to find out how she was doing.

You can’t know the joy I felt to see her in her mommy’s arms! That she’s alive is in itself a miracle. But by the amazing grace of God Cookie seems to have only a fractured leg and a bit of shock from the traumatic experience.

The God of Life, the Resurrection God, who has the keys of death and hell, who has all authority in heaven and on earth, has performed this beautiful miracle.

Please lift up your voice in thanksgiving and praise to God for great love and mercy. God is SO FAITHFUL to those who are His. He preserved this lovely Catholic family from experiencing tragedy and loss on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas! Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.



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  1. Christmas, like the trinity, are both pagan

    • Thank you for your comment, appreciate you sharing. I’d like to respond from the heart.

      Yes this is absolutely true. Christmas celebrates the birth of a pagan “deity”, Nimrod. Nimrod was actually the head of the rebellious men who built the Tower of Babel. Instead of obeying God’s command to replenish the earth they wanted to concentrate in one tower that would reach into heaven. When Nimrod died his wife/mother deified him and claimed that he returned every year on December 25th. to leave gifts under a tree. Pagans celebrate the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year – as the rebirth of the sun god. So the origin of Christmas is absolutely tied to old pagan traditions.

      This holiday became “christianized” under the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine. In order to make it more acceptable to the early Christians it was disguised under Christian trappings and claimed to be Christ’s birthday. In reality we know that Jesus was born in the fall, not in winter.

      Today most of the Christian world celebrates Christmas to commemorate the birth of Christ. Personally I don’t celebrate this holiday. However, it creates an opening of the heart and a receptivity to talk about Jesus. It also brings people together. The Bible tells us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We shouldn’t antagonize with those who believe they’re celebrating the birth of Christ. Therefore I use the opportunity of Christmas to reach out to my listeners as well as neighbors and friends of different denominations and belief systems.

      The family in this story would’ve had their faith severely shaken if their little dog had died on that day when they believed they were celebrating the birth of Christ. This is why the Lord didn’t allow it to happen. Instead, He gave me an opportunity to minister to this family in prayer and to establish some familiarity with them. I’ll soon be inviting them to a House of Hope that we plan to start in that neighborhood in the next few weeks.

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify the Christmas issue.

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