A Change of Affection: A Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption

Beckett Cook, a man delivered by God from homosexuality

Beckett Cook, a man delivered by God from homosexuality

The other day I listened to Beckett Cook’s testimony on the 700 Club. This man went from the privileged lifestyle of a Hollywood set designer to a witness for God’s redemptive power.

One evening at a lavish, very exclusive dinner party in Paris after the Paris fashion show, Beckett experienced a moment of truth within himself. He knew his life meant more than what he was living.

Some time later a fearless Christian invited Beckett to church, where a fearless pastor was preaching God’s truth as it is. The Holy Spirit pricked Beckett’s heart and he was converted.

The truth may hurt or offend, but we need to speak it anyway and let the Holy Spirit do His work upon the heart. This is a message of hope for those who are trapped in the LGBT lifestyle and have been deceived into believing they can’t change. You also can experience the redemptive power of God and the power of the blood of Jesus.

This is Beckett’s testimony on the 700 Club.

You can also purchase his recently published book on Amazon.

Please share this story if there’s anyone you love who’s trapped in the LGBT lifestyle. You may help save a soul.

Photo by Christian Broadcasting Network.

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