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Crisis Climática y Ley Dominical – 2da. Parte

Para escuchar el podcast en nuestro canal YouTube, cliquee aquí. Resumen Hay solo una cosa sobre la cual las naciones del mundo pueden estar de acuerdo, y es el cambio climático. Satanás está destruyendo el planeta para entonces proponer su solución: un Nuevo Orden Mundial “verde”. Éste irá a la raíz del calentamiento climático por la transformación del modelo económico. La Visita del Papa a los EU en Septiembre 2015… Continue reading

070 – Climate Crisis and Sunday Law – Part 2

There’s only one thing the nations of the world can agree on, and that’s climate change. Satan is destroying the planet in order to propose his solution: a “Green New Deal”. A New World Order will address the root cause of climate change by changing the world’s economic model. The Pope’s US Visit in September 2015 In September of 2015, the Pope of Rome came on a historic visit to… Continue reading

069 – Climate Crisis and Sunday Law – Part 1

In this three-part podcast, Marla Ilona presents the biblical, historical and prophetic evidence that the nations of the world will unite around the climate crisis and hand over the scepter of power to the pope. He will soon become One World Leader of the New World Order. This podcast is a powerful study on how the climate crisis is going to propel us into the outcomes prophesied in the books… Continue reading

A Change of Affection: A Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption

The other day I listened to Beckett Cook’s testimony on the 700 Club. This man went from the privileged lifestyle of a Hollywood set designer to a witness for God’s redemptive power. One evening at a lavish, very exclusive dinner party in Paris after the Paris fashion show, Beckett experienced a moment of truth within himself. He knew his life meant more than what he was living. Some time later… Continue reading

Crisis Climática y Ley Dominical – 1ra. Parte

El Vaticano está utilizando la crisis climática como caballo de Troya para introducir la ley dominical. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en nuestro canal YouTube. En este podcast, Marla Ilona: -Da un breve resumen sobre la estrategia del Vaticano con respecto al cambio climático (Laudato Si). La crisis climática es el caballo de Troya para hacer pasar la ley dominical en Estados Unidos y luego universalmente en todos los… Continue reading

068 – End Time Prophecies of Daniel 12 – Part 2

The 1260, 1290 and 1335 end time prophecies of Daniel 12 are still future and will be fulfilled in our generation. They measure the length of: anti-christ’s reign, the persecution of God’s people, and the wait until God’s confirms His covenant with His people. Introduction Welcome to Part 2 of the End Time prophecies of Daniel 12. I’m totally thrilled that today we’re finally able to tackle these three powerful… Continue reading

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