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010 – US Economy in Bible Prophecy

Summary In this episode, Angel Blanchard, representing City Bible Group’s community, asks Marla Ilona some very pointed questions about the ministry and the signs of the end time.  Learn how the US economy is part of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and how this will affect you in the near future. Marla explains how fiat money works (the basis of our economic system) and what will happen when they stop propping… Continue reading

009 – The Mark of the Beast

Summary Taking the mark of the beast will result in dreadful punishment here on earth and also in eternal death.  The consequences of taking this mark are catastrophic and completely irreversible.  Learn who the beast is and what is his mark, so that you may be prepared to avoid this endtime pitfall. The Mark of the Beast In this episode called “The Mark of the Beast” we’ll be examining the prophetic… Continue reading

008 – Saturday vs. Sunday

Summary: Someone thought to change “times and laws” and transfer God’s holy day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. Learn the whole truth, from the history of this change to the implications for the end time generation. These are the issues we’ll be addressing in this program: Quick recap of what we learned in our last program regarding the Fourth Commandment, to answer the question:  What is the Seal of… Continue reading

Q&A – 007 Remember the Sabbath Podcast

Question: How do we honor the Sabbath?  What should we do and not do?  What happens if someone has to work on the Sabbath?  And what about children’s activities on the Sabbath, there are so many team sports we want our children to participate in and lessons that they take on the Sabbath? Answer: Those are great questions.   I’m sure our listeners are wondering about that. Well, the primary goal… Continue reading

007 – Remember the Sabbath

Summary The Fourth Commandment, to keep the Sabbath holy, is still totally relevant for our generation and will become even more so as we approach the end of time. The Sabbath is one of Satan’s biggest deceptions. He has deceived most of Christendom to worship on the pagan day of the sun! Yet the Sabbath is God’s requirement for right worship. The Sabbath is God’s seal and a sign of… Continue reading

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