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Questions and Answers – Podcast Episode no. 6 – Law and Grace

Angel, those are such great questions.  I know many of our listeners are wondering about that.  These are such important questions that we’re going to devote our next podcast entirely to the Sabbath. But in the meantime, let me give you some quick answers that we’ll be able to discuss at greater length in our next show. Does God expect us to still keep the Sabbath? Yes, God very much… Continue reading

006 – Law and Grace

Summary This podcast deals with the issues related to Divine Law. Marla Ilona demonstrates that God’s Law is an expression of His perfect character. She disproves the false teaching that God’s Law is abolished and “nailed to the cross” by explaining from scripture the difference between the Divine Law and the Mosaic Law. The Ark of the Covenant that contains God’s Law plays a big role in the Book of… Continue reading

Q & A Podcast Episode No. 5 – Building a deeper relationship with God

Q:  Marla, what can we do to deepen our relationship with God? A:  Angel, that’s a great question because that is what God longs for.  You’re right that He calls many of His children through pain and suffering, because sometimes that’s the only way we’ll get on our knees and come to Him.   Since He is the love of our souls, we share the same longing to be close to… Continue reading

005 – Who God Is and Isn’t and the Power of His Name

Summary: Powerful rectification of all the New Age false teachings about God and a beautiful study of the power of His Name. Marla Ilona examines several of the false beliefs about the nature of God and studies the mystery of His true nature. We go to the scriptural root cause to understand why Satan doesn’t want us to know the true character and attributes of God. Beautiful prayer based on the… Continue reading

004 – Powerful Testimony: Real Resurrection Story and New Age Defeated

Summary: This is a powerful testimony of a recent, real-life, true resurrection that the Lord did of my pet Lou Lou whose heart failed during surgery.  The Lord performed this miracle and all the signs and wonders that accompanied it.  This was a spiritual warfare attack that came through a charming lady I was ministering to. I’m sure she wasn’t aware that she was being used to channel an evil… Continue reading

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