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Friday Is Preparation Day

In God’s calendar, Friday is Preparation Day for Sabbath. It starts at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. In the Bible, only two days have a name: the sixth day of the week is Preparation Day. And the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath Day, also called the Lord’s Day. The days of the week in the Gregorian calendar are named after Greco-Roman deities of their… Continue reading

Are You Still Eating from Trashcans?

God prescribed for His people a simple diet that will give us good health and long life. Yet most people are still eating out of trashcans! Many of the supposed delicacies on people’s plates are foods that drain life force instead of giving it. Certain tasty and much-appreciated foods – like seafood – are extremely unhealthy. Shellfish are the trashcan of the ocean. They eat and metabolize other animals’ waste.… Continue reading

Pennsylvania Family Ordered to Take Down Jesus Christmas Display

Family fighting back and keeping their Christmas display in Pennsylvania after a neighbor complained to the HOA that the display was “offensive”. If you thought persecution and religious oppression was something that only happens in other countries, read on. The US is fast becoming one of the more oppressive nations when it comes to Christianity. (News report below and photo above by Fox News – Dec. 25, 2017) A Pennsylvania… Continue reading

My New Technique for Memorizing Scripture

Why should we memorize scripture? We need to get serious about memorizing scripture. It’s an important part of getting ready for the Second Coming of Jesus. When the storm of persecution hits and begins to escalate, the time will come when our Bibles will be taken away from us. God’s Word is our most important weapon against the enemy. It will also keep us from falling and make us to… Continue reading

Do Christians need to keep the Jewish feasts?

Question: Do Christians need to keep the Jewish feasts? No, we don’t need to keep the Jewish feasts, nor do we want to. That was the whole point of the Book of Hebrews, where Paul argued with the Jews who didn’t want to let go of the Levitical system or the Mosaic system that Jesus had abolished on the cross. The tearing of the veil in the temple when Jesus… Continue reading

Transgender: God Didn’t Make You This Way

The Seventh-day Adventist Church released a statementon April 11, 2017 regarding the position of the church regarding transgenderism and the attitude that SDA Church members should have toward transgender individuals. I found the statement to be very carefully thought through and compassionate while being grounded in bible truth. I’m including the entire text below for your benefit. If you’d like to visit the Seventh-day Adventist Church website page where this was posted,… Continue reading

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