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A God-given Diet

Question One of the prisoners who’s receiving Bible studies in prison through our Prison Ministry asked the following questions: “Why do you teach that Christians today should abstain from the unclean foods described in the Old Testament? If we don’t have to keep the levitical law or the law of Moses, why do we have to abstain from unclean foods? Weren’t all of these laws nailed to the cross at Calvary?” Would appreciate… Continue reading

Fasting: A Supernatural Process

Jesus gained the victory at Calvary because He first overcame Satan in the desert after a 40-day fast. Any time of year is a good time to fast, but the beginning of the year is particularly appropriate. One of the questions I get asked most often regarding the lifestyle of a Prayer Warrior or Intercessor is how to fast. The easy answer is to just stop eating over a pre-defined period of time.… Continue reading

The Creative Christian

This is a simple, fun, decorative idea for praising God. Make a praise wall in your bedroom, prayer closet, any room, with chalkboard paper. What is chalkboard paper? Chalkboard paper is contact paper you can buy in a roll at Wal Mart ( that is where I bought mine) in the contact paper section of the store. It comes in two colors: hot pink, & traditional black. I chose the pink… Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Morgellons Disease

“Hi, I subscribe to your podcast. Your recent Prophecy Update: Crime Against Humanity And Nature broadcast was a big wake up call for me.  I completely believe that the assault on our planet and humanity is very real and true. I am concerned about this toxic environment affecting mine and my family’s health. The medical community is way behind and doesn’t even completely acknowledge geoengineering  is causing illnesses. Do you… Continue reading

Where can I buy the “Top 10 Countdown” CD?

“Hi Marla, You had mailed me a copy of the CD Top 10 Countdown of Myths in the Church.  Wow, it really was a blessing!  Yesterday I was on my way to a job and I’ve been listening to it.  It’s amazing … a real eye opener.  I thank God for the work you’ve done.  Will the CD be sold through stores or where can I purchase it?  Id’ like to order… Continue reading

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