Mental Illness A Spiritual And Medical Issue

“Dear Marla,
My first cousin is 28 years old and has developed severe bi polar disorder. This has caused our very close family so much confusion and distress. He has been hospitalized 2 times, is seeing a well known psychiatrist on a regular basis and the medications are very difficult to get just right. We are drained. My family sees this condition from a scientific/medical perspective only. I agree with them but, I feel there is a spiritual aspect to mental illness. We are a Christian family. I am so confused.


Hi Christina,
My heart goes out to you and your family. A loved one with mental illness is a very difficult situation. A very complex problem that needs to be addressed spiritually and medically. This complicated illness needs constant, persistant prayer. It is too “big” for us, and the doctors. God is still healing people today! We have to acknowledge that there is nothing He cannot do!

Surrender – you and your family need to first surrender this whole problem to God in prayer. Please acknowledge that there is nothing you or the doctors can do without His help, guidance. When we let go and quit exhausting ourselves with an impossible problem we allow God to take over and start to work for us. Enter into His rest.

Faith – hold firm to your faith that God can and WILL heal your nephew no matter what kind of opposition presents itself. It is often darkest before dawn but if we press in and pray through we can overcome anything with God Almighty. Do not give up!

Warfare prayer – this  is a spiritual battle.  Satan and his demons will constantly attack and torment a vulnerable ill mind. The devil is a predator.  He and his demons will prey on someone in a weakened state of any kind. Ask the Lord that He and his mightiest warrior Angels would fight off any kind of tormenting demons preying on your nephew, for extra protection around him because of his weakened state.

Healing – only our God almighty knows what area of your nephews brain circuitry is malfunctioning. He knows how, when and why it happened. No neuroscientist, brain specialist, top psychiatrist in the world holds that answer. Isnt that awesome? Ask the Lord God Almighty that He would touch that area of your nephews brain, heal it, make it work properly again. Yes, Lord you will heal this young man. Amen.

There is power in prayer. More prayer, more power. We would like to ask anyone that reads this post to also ask the Lord to touch this young man’s brain, heal it, make it whole! Let’s all join together in prayer for this healing! Amen.

Thank you Christina, for writing us at City Bible Group.
God bless you and your family,

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