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Morgellon's disease - Angel

I subscribe to your podcast. Your recent Prophecy Update: Crime Against Humanity And Nature broadcast was a big wake up call for me.  I completely believe that the assault on our planet and humanity is very real and true. I am concerned about this toxic environment affecting mine and my family’s health. The medical community is way behind and doesn’t even completely acknowledge geoengineering  is causing illnesses. Do you know of any natural herbs, remedies to  to guard our health from these chemical attacks? Any information or resources will be a help.
-Lee Ann”

Lee Ann,
The condition affecting peoples’ health as a result of geoengineering is called Morgellons.  Morgellons is a large cluster of negative symptoms people are experiencing  linked to metal, fungal, bacterial, viral, and fibrous nano particles sprayed into the atmosphere to control the weather and population.  (Nano means sub-cellular).

To strengthen your body’s defenses here are a list of natural herbs and remedies:
Oil of oregano- this is the most powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, softgel, or oil you can ingest. When taken on a regular basis consistently this natural remedy will help tremendously with the symptoms of Morgellons and will ehlp build up the body’s natural defenses.
Chlorella taken daily removes heavy metals from the body. The aluminum, mercury, lead and barium involved in geoengineering are linked to Alzheimer’s, and autism. They must be flushed out of the body.

Baking Soda is very common, and inexpensive it also removes metals from the body effectively. A tablespoon once a day in an 8 0z. glass of water helps to flush metals from the body. Apple Cider Vinegar- 1/2 tablespoon daily helps to keep the liver clean. Last but, VERY important: magnets are very effective in killing the fibrous nano filaments, those particles that invade the body and cause painful skin sores. This is one of the most miserable afflictions caused by geoengineering.

For more information:  Visit  www.morgellonsdiseaseawareness.comfor general information on the disease.  For the use of magnets to kill Morgellons nano particles in the body is the most informative website by far.  I would like to thank Mike Chapala 832 343-5425 for his website  His information on how to treat Morgellons is a huge blessing.

I also reccomend Sofia Smallstorm’s website  for extensive, intelligent information on Morgellons and geoengineering.  Sofia’s  research is a brave effort that benefits all humanity and is another excellent resource. We’re very grateful to both of them for their work, may God bless them always.  (Photo source:

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