What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a new type of media that puts you fully in control of your listening experience. Radio, like television, broadcasts on a set schedule. You have to be available at the time of the broadcast to be able to tune in. A podcast on the other hand is made available for you to download and listen to at your convenience.

A podcast is an audio file, generally in MP3 format, that you can receive automatically from the internet to your computer, smartphone (iPhone or Android), iPod, and/or MP3 player. You receive these files by subscribing to a “podcast feed”, often called an RSS feed. A podcast is a more convenient form of internet radio. Because the shows are pre-recorded you can listen to them from your smartphone or other device at any time, instead of being restricted to the broadcaster’s airing schedule.

You can rewind a podcast, pause it, play it as many times as you wish, store it wherever you wish, copy it, burn it to CD, etc. You can take your podcast with you wherever you go – once it’s been downloaded to your device it doesn’t matter if you’re in an area with bad internet connectivity you’ll still be able to play it. Most podcasts are free and there is no limit to how many you can subscribe to. They are also commercial-free, and you only receive podcasts you’ve subscribed to. There is no “spam” as with email.

You can listen to our podcast “Setting the Record Straight” while you commute to work, walk your dog, do the dishes, jog or work out, and even in the office during lunchtime. You do not need to be passively sitting in front of a computer or TV screen. We help you to use time more effectively by engaging your mind with the Word of God even while you are performing your routine tasks.

When you subscribe to our podcast feed, podcast shows or episodes are delivered to you automatically when they are released. You don’t have to remember to check for new shows nor download them – the feed automatically does this for you. (On some Android podcasting apps you might occasionally be asked to refresh the feed…). If however you choose not to be our regular subscriber, you can also selectively download individual shows from the web.

“Setting the Record Straight” is available on iTunes, BlackBerry, Zune, and other podcast directories. All you need to do is subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll receive every weekly episode. Click here to subscribe.

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