Pastor Jailed in Canada for Holding Worship Services

Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada was jailed two weeks ago for refusing to obey the government lockdown and continuing to hold worship services as normal. He explained the rationale for his action in the last sermon he gave two weeks ago called “Directing Government to its Duty”. It is an inspired presentation of the God-given duty of government and the current excesses. How heaven… Continue reading

088 – Supernatural Power of the Word of God

God’s Word has supernatural power: creative power, commanding power, life-giving power and sustaining power. We activate all this power by faith. Introduction In today’s study we’ll be demonstrating the supernatural power of the word of God. When we understand its great power and are fully established in God’s truth, we will know that the Lord can take us safely through the time of trouble that lies just ahead. When we… Continue reading