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084 – It’s NOT About Black Versus White

The protests, riots and violence going on across the US and the world are not about race. They are the sequel to the Covid 19 pandemic and are also motivated by a dark political agenda.  Introduction Let me give you the headlines: Black Lives Do Matter to all of us. But what’s going on now is not about black versus white. It’s another smokescreen of the enemy. Satan is the… Continue reading

083 – Jesus Has Power to Save

As the time of preparation for God’s people winds down, we need to trust in the power of heaven to redeem us. Our carnal nature gets in the way, but Jesus has power to save us from ourselves. Introduction What I’d like to share with you today will be helpful for you wherever you may be in your walk with God, even if you haven’t started that walk yet. Satan… Continue reading

082 – New Normal, New Reality

The Corona Virus was released in order to accelerate the establishment of the New World Order. MARLA ILONA analyzes the true nature of this regime and the techniques they’re using to bring the nations of the world to their knees. Introduction The world we knew is gone forever. We’re in a new reality. The Corona Virus Quarantine is the cover for a deep political, economic and societal transformation that is… Continue reading

081 – Preparation Time Nearly Finished

The locked-down world is getting ready for a major transformation in government and the economy. God’s people have little time left in which to prepare spiritually for the looming crisis. Now is the time to be grounded in the roots of our faith. Introduction There are three ways you can become a regular listener: Stream the podcast from our website at Watch the podcast video on YouTube – there’s… Continue reading

Papa Francisco: Líder del Nuevo Orden Mundial

El último reino antes de la Segunda Venida de Cristo sera romano, y unirá iglesia y estado. El Papa Francisco ya recibió el cetro del poder religioso cuando su embajador Tony Palmer conquistó los corazones de los evangélicos americanos. Ahora el Papa está a punto de recibir el cetro del poder político a nivel global, para convertirse en líder único del Nuevo Orden Mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast… Continue reading

Corona Virus, Crisis Climática y Nuevo Orden Mundial

El último reino antes de que regrese Jesús será un reino caracterizado por la unión de iglesia y estado. Ese nuevo régimen se llama Nuevo Orden Mundial. Lleva décadas en preparación y está a punto de ver la luz. La crisis climática y la pandemia del Corona Virus son estrategias para establecer el Nuevo Orden Mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en español en nuestro canal YouTube. Por favor,… Continue reading

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