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Papa Francisco: Líder del Nuevo Orden Mundial

El último reino antes de la Segunda Venida de Cristo sera romano, y unirá iglesia y estado. El Papa Francisco ya recibió el cetro del poder religioso cuando su embajador Tony Palmer conquistó los corazones de los evangélicos americanos. Ahora el Papa está a punto de recibir el cetro del poder político a nivel global, para convertirse en líder único del Nuevo Orden Mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast… Continue reading

Corona Virus, Crisis Climática y Nuevo Orden Mundial

El último reino antes de que regrese Jesús será un reino caracterizado por la unión de iglesia y estado. Ese nuevo régimen se llama Nuevo Orden Mundial. Lleva décadas en preparación y está a punto de ver la luz. La crisis climática y la pandemia del Corona Virus son estrategias para establecer el Nuevo Orden Mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en español en nuestro canal YouTube. Por favor,… Continue reading

080 – Corona Virus, Climate Crisis and New World Order

Conversation with Pastor Arthur Branner. The beast power is using the current global crisis to collapse the economy and prepare a world takeover. Introduction What the Jesuits do best is: create a problem, exacerbate the problem, and then propose a solution. In my conversation with Pastor Branner we discuss the various aspects of the perfect storm the Jesuits have created and the proposed solution: a New World Order governed by… Continue reading

079 – 2020 Prophetic Beginnings

New World Order Chess Game

The Corona Virus pandemic is the perfect storm that will trigger a global financial collapse and the emergence of the New World Order. Introduction: Analysis of Where 2020 Might Be Headed If you’re awake and not sleeping, you know that someone has stepped on the accelerator of world events. I know it’s become a cliché to say “prophecy is fulfilling before our very eyes”. But it’s true. Where there’s smoke… Continue reading

078 – Book of Daniel 8: Eden Restored

  Portions of the Book of Daniel had been sealed until the time of the end. In the unsealing process we discover how God will confirm His holy covenant with HIs people at the end of time. Eden Lost becomes Eden Restored. This bible study contains powerful insights into the spiritual battles faced by our generation. Introduction Today’s study is Part 2 of a deep-dive into Daniel 8. If you… Continue reading

077 – Book of Daniel 8: Eden Lost

Beautiful study of the vision of the ram and the he-goat in Daniel Chapter 8. Powerful revelations from the portion of the Book of Daniel that was sealed until the time of the end. Introduction I’m so delighted you’re back with me for this precious, beautiful study on Daniel 8: Eden Restored. We’re truly going to delight ourselves in the Lord as we see Him giving this last generation yet… Continue reading

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