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085 – Typology of End Time Events

The Bible reveals in codes and symbols found in ancient stories what will come upon the world after the Corona Virus pandemic. In this fascinating podcast you’ll see the power of Bible typology to predict end time events. Introduction The Bible is an incredibly powerful book, which contains far more information, knowledge, wisdom and mysteries than our human minds can receive. This is why Sister White says “The plan of… Continue reading

082 – New Normal, New Reality

The Corona Virus was released in order to accelerate the establishment of the New World Order. MARLA ILONA analyzes the true nature of this regime and the techniques they’re using to bring the nations of the world to their knees. Introduction The world we knew is gone forever. We’re in a new reality. The Corona Virus Quarantine is the cover for a deep political, economic and societal transformation that is… Continue reading

Corona Virus, Crisis Climática y Nuevo Orden Mundial

El último reino antes de que regrese Jesús será un reino caracterizado por la unión de iglesia y estado. Ese nuevo régimen se llama Nuevo Orden Mundial. Lleva décadas en preparación y está a punto de ver la luz. La crisis climática y la pandemia del Corona Virus son estrategias para establecer el Nuevo Orden Mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en español en nuestro canal YouTube. Por favor,… Continue reading

080 – Corona Virus, Climate Crisis and New World Order

Conversation with Pastor Arthur Branner. The beast power is using the current global crisis to collapse the economy and prepare a world takeover. Introduction What the Jesuits do best is: create a problem, exacerbate the problem, and then propose a solution. In my conversation with Pastor Branner we discuss the various aspects of the perfect storm the Jesuits have created and the proposed solution: a New World Order governed by… Continue reading

Aceleración de los Eventos Finales

En el año 2020 constatamos una aceleración vertiginosa de los eventos finales. Analizamos los acontecimientos claves del primer trimestre y sus implicaciones proféticas. También identificamos el evento profético más importante del 2019, el detonador de los sucesos que vivimos ahora. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en YouTube. Por favor, apoye este ministerio con sus donativos. Puede hacer su donativo visitando nuestra página: Subscriba a nuestro canal YouTube para… Continue reading

079 – 2020 Prophetic Beginnings

New World Order Chess Game

The Corona Virus pandemic is the perfect storm that will trigger a global financial collapse and the emergence of the New World Order. Introduction: Analysis of Where 2020 Might Be Headed If you’re awake and not sleeping, you know that someone has stepped on the accelerator of world events. I know it’s become a cliché to say “prophecy is fulfilling before our very eyes”. But it’s true. Where there’s smoke… Continue reading

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