076 – 2019 Prophetic Year in Review

  Prophetic analysis of 2019, a significant year in bible prophecy fulfillments. Its key events are already shaping 2020. Thrilled to have you back for this Recap of the Top 7 Prophetic Events that took place in 2019.2020 will be a very big year prophetically, as big as 2015 was. These 7 events helped shape the prophetic outcomes we’ll see in 2020 that I’ll be discussing shortly in a Prophetic… Continue reading

Crisis Climática y Ley Dominical – 3ra. Parte

El mundo está en huelga contra el cambio climático, ignorando que la crisis climática es el resultado de una estrategia deliberada llamada geo-ingeniería. Descubra quién está detrás de esto, por qué, y a quién le tocará sentarse en el trono del poder mundial. Cliquee aquí para escuchar el podcast en YouTube. Introducción Cubrimos mucho terreno en la Primera y Segunda Partes de este programa, Crisis Climática y Ley Dominical. Hoy… Continue reading

071 – Climate Crisis and Sunday Law – Part 3

The world is on strike against climate change, not knowing that the climate crisis is the result of a deliberate strategy called geo-engineering. Find out who’s behind it, why, and who gets to sit on the throne of world power. Be sure to also listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the Climate Crisis Series. Introduction We covered a lot of ground in Parts 1 and 2. In today’s… Continue reading