The Spiritual Truth Behind Geo-Engineering


One of our YouTube Canadian listeners reached out to me regarding an interview I did some time ago with Dane Wigington, a world-renown specialist in Geo-engineering. Here’s an excerpt from her email:

Listener Feedback

“God bless you Marla! ✝️
I LOVE your videos on climate engineering finally! Someone who speaks truth on the subject from the Bible perspective! Thank you JESUS!!
I’ll continue to watch your video messages, your icon is already on my laptop. Have been battling geo-engineering smoke and mirrors for a long time, feels like all by myself up here, but I know there are many who do worldwide.
Now from God’s perspective I am able to battle more wisely and prayerfully, I wasn’t sure how to perceive all that before. So much confusion out there.
Thank you once again Marla, God bless and keep you and multiply your efforts immeasurably!”
From Saskatchewan, Canada
I’m grateful for the encouragement and happy to shed some Bible light on this very complex issue of geo-engineering.

Spiritual Truth Behind Geo-Engineering and Climate Modification

In a nutshell, Satan is hurting the planet in order to claim/pretend that he’ll heal it through the anti-christ imposing a Sunday day of rest for the environment. This is the strategic thrust of the pope’s Laudato Si encyclical which has received the support of the United Nations. It’s an old Jesuit strategy: create a problem that you’re then called in to solve.
Geo-engineering is very real but it’s also the ammunition the enemy is using to combat God’s holy Sabbath day of rest, established at creation.
If you haven’t listened to these two podcasts on Geo-engineering, check them out here on the website
So when you find yourself battling the smoke, abnormal heat or cold, and especially the spraying, know that the real battle is spiritual and not physical. What’s at stake ultimately is souls, even more so than the planet.
Having said that, in the Book of Revelation God has promised to destroy those who destroy the world (Revelation 11:18). After that He will make a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21).

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