Unprepared – The Consequences

“Unprepared”, a grid-down short film

Yesterday I was quite shaken by this “grid down drama”, a video enactment of one unprepared person’s reaction to a major crisis.

The actual story starts at about 5:12 minutes into the video. However, the producer’s commentary before and after the film is also very valuable.

Are the children of the world wiser than the children of light? Many secular organizations and individuals – whether in government, finance, or the environment – are warning of an impending crisis that will forever affect our standard of living. They’re also providing counsel on how to prepare.

The coming crisis will take us through to the Second Coming of Christ and the end of the world. God has given the Advent people great light to guide our preparation.

All of us need to redeem the time and begin urgent preparation now. The Lord has instructed us to leave the cities, especially the large ones, so that we can grow our own food. Having sure provision will limit the temptation to sell our eternal inheritance for a plate of lentils. Our bare minimum provisions should be for three months, ideally we should have enough on hand for six months.

Remember what happened to the Jews who did not leave Jerusalem before the Roman invasion of 70 AD. They ended up eating their  belts and their children. In contrast, none of the Christians were hurt because they obeyed the words of Jesus.

I invite you to have a watch. This video will at least make you think about the potential consequences of not preparing for the crisis ahead. Be sure to listen to my podcast on what we’re preparing for and how to prepare.


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