Vatican Climate Change Encyclical: Sunday Rest and Babylonian Roots

Pope Francis and Virgin MaryPope Francis’ encyclical on Climate Change was published on May 24 2015.  This document, well researched and comprehensive, examines all of the aspects of climate change: historical, geographical, political, economic, financial, social, cultural, psychological, behavioral, and of course spiritual.  The encyclical also evaluates the efficacy of the responses offered by governments, institutions and organizations to the threat of climate change and suggests some possible approaches.  Sprinkled throughout this intelligent and pragmatic discourse we nevertheless find some of the familiar views held by the Vatican:

  • -Emphasis on the “experience” (the new and more acceptable word for “tradition”) of the church versus the biblical view or “Thus saith the Lord”,  also referred to as “a compromise of faith and reason”.  Or as stated in Article 201, “Realities are greater than ideas”.
  • -Theory of evolution is an acceptable interpretation of the symbolism of the Book of Genesis (in other words it’s okay not to take the account of Creation literally)
  • -Pantheistic overtones: “Nature as a whole not only manifests God but is also a locus of His presence” meaning that the Spirit of God resides in the trees, mountains, wind, sun, etc. (Article 88).  In the closing prayer we find “All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
    and in the smallest of your creatures”.
  • -Genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s) and other animal hybrids are not intrinsically bad (Articles 133-134), even if they go against God’s spoken word in Genesis 1:11,12,23-25
  • -The Jesuit “Principle of the Common Good” (Article 158), a quick bridge to communist ideology which will be used to justify One World Governance of common resources such as the open seas (Article 174)
  • -One World Religion under Rome:  “All religions to dialogue together to protect nature, defend the poor, and build networks of respect and fraternity” (article 201)
  • -Scientific and ecological groups as well as other world organizations also need to come together for the common good (tacit assumption: they’ll be brokered by the Vatican)
  • -All of this leading up to three key ideas which seem at first glance unrelated but stem from a common Babylonian spiritual heritage:
    • -Sunday as the day of rest versus the Jewish Sabbath in Article 237
    • -Virgin Mary as the “Queen of All Creation” and Saint Joseph as “Custodian of the Universal Church” in Articles 241 and 242
    • -The conclusion is fittingly entitled “Beyond the Sun” and the closing prayer states “Teach us … that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.”  Look at the image below – isn’t it curious that the head shots of the successive Popes are featured within sun disks?

Supreme Pontiffs Vatican website


Once again in the history of Protestantism, smooth and clever Jesuit ideology is unfolding a formidable smoke screen to position the Vatican as the One World Conciliator that can bring all factions together to solve the challenges of climate change.  Protestant friends, if you’re not firmly anchored on the Word of God, you too will be swept away by this endtime overmastering delusion.

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  1. It’s all coming to a close and we are told the final events will be rapid ones. I was born and raised catholic and so I have tons of catholic family, friends and customers, even though I left that church 30+ years ago. Luckily most know I am sincere; that I truly do love each one of them, and many listen to the prophetic intelligence I have acquired over the years from studying my Bible (KJV) and from books like: “The Great Controversy”, “National Sunday Law” and “The Secret Terrorists”… It amazes me how little catholics know about the Bible and how much less they know about the governance of their church. I always knew the pope was the antichrist, even when I was a practicing catholic; one day everyone will! Unfortunately most will learn after it’s too late and they will be branded with his MARK of authority over God’s SEAL of approval! All we can do is pray and hope these poor souls will come out of Babylon before the Sunday Law is passed; if not then soon after.

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